Eponym Empowers Brands

Our team, investors, and advisors are dedicated to creating cutting-edge experiences online and in-store, developing new partnerships, and executing communications strategies that bring game-changing growth to brands on a global scale.

Meet the team.

  • Andrew
    Founder and CEO
  • Bryan
    Head of Business Development
  • Patrick
    Director of Marketing
  • Viren
    VP, Engineering
  • Konrad
    Head of Brand Management
  • Kristen
    Creative Director
  • Mei-i
    Director of Sales
  • Steve
    Director of Sales, Optical
  • Terner
    Senior Manager of Retail
  • Libby
    Product Development Manager
  • Hannah
    Queen of the Universe
  • Rachel
    Content Marketing Associate
  • Emma
    Software Engineer
  • Molly
  • Oren
    Finance & Operations Associate
  • Mary
    Graphic Designer
  • Elena
    Senior Account Executive
  • Rachel
    Senior Account Executive
  • Sam
    Leadership Development Associate
  • Alex
    Customer Experience Associate
  • Tyler
    Customer Experience Associate
  • Peter
    Warehouse Assistant
  • Niko
    Special Projects
  • Sebastian
    Warehouse Assistant

Our Investors and Advisors:

Stuart Litwin
Principal at Outside Ace, LLC

Mortimer Singer
CEO, Marvin Traub Associates

Dan Levine
Managing Partner, Tenfore Holdings

Alexis Ohanian
Founder, Reddit

Sam Altman | Garry Tan
President | Partner, Y-Combinator

Ari Bloom
Founder, A2B Ventures

Collaborative Partners:

Our open and collaborative approach to eyeglasses and sunglasses partnerships brings unique and inspiring eyewear collections to the world’s leading brands. Through thought-leadership in design, retail, and digital commerce we drive growth, new customer awareness, and substantial brand awareness for all of our partners.

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